7 Chakras 7 ingredients - Love in balance

Fruits, Roots Flowers & Leaves. 
Each of the blends has some of these.
When ever your body feels out of balance you 'feel' it. 
You don't have to think about it just is. 

Feeling - is not a bad thing, but it is something that we have been taught to ignore, unfortunately at our bodies detriment. Our feelings are actually how our body communicates to your mind that there is something that is off - that a frequency in the body is off.  If there is pain - then it is really off and electrical signals are firing on overdrive.

Like people plants created have frequencies too.  The earth generously created all the frequencies we will ever need to help us return to the frequency of being balance that is right for us. 

I think we need, as just one species of many, to begin look at the planet and its original species of this Earth with the eyes of a child. 

In curiosity and wonder of a new discovery, ready to listen and learn, all what the plants can do to help us regain our balance.

Enjoy :)

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