Frequencies and the Psychology of colour.

It's just all in the frequencies. 

The current Chakra visualization system was based on the physical rainbow superimposed over the body. 

Why was that?

Do people that see the frequencies of colour in auras also see Chakras these colours or do we just assume that this is correct because its been done that way for the last 50 odd years, and thus no one questions it any more? 

When I talk about what makes more sense - the kundalini being the white fire of the mother as it raises up the spinal column, purifying and balancing the Chakras as white is all colours.  Or visualizing a column of red - the lowest of all frequencies next to brown and black - rising up through the Chakras.  Which is do you see more purifying, centred and ultimately more grounding? White or Red?

Root Chakra - 4th ray - white
In the study of the psychology of colour white symbolizes a purity, and wholeness, that which is saintly, white halo or heavenly.  There is really very little (and unusually so) in the way of any really negative connotations associated with white other than maybe 'white as a ghost'? Or at least for me wearing white is like wearing a dirt magnet.

Red on the other hand is a low frequency with a long wavelength and comes with lots of baggage attached.  Right or wrong - it is very symbolic of danger, blood split, anger, hate 'seeing red', lust, 'red light district', high energy, adrenalin, and very intense passions.   So with all that going on is it really the best choice to be visualizing that colour as a kundalini fire rising, in a world that is already so over the top?

So which came first? Did the fall of man create a new lower frequency that is now represented on the physical plane, or did a new lower frequency get introduced to the Earth to bring on or create a world for the spiritual 'fall of humans'?  

It would then make sense that to truly spiritual evolve or to be on the path of ascension, we need to also upgrade our Chakras to the frequency that is also in line with the spiritual realm.  Simply put the realms of higher frequencies don't have colours of lower earth plane frequencies.  For us to get there we need to get them more inline spiritually, here. 

Where did the western version of the Chakras come from?

The rainbow superimposed over the body is the westernized version of the Chakra system that is predominately a creation of Christopher Hills (1926-97) a philosopher, promoter of spirilina and author.  

He developed the concept of correlating the rainbow with Chakras and personality types for his book  “Nuclear evolution: Discovery of the rainbow body” 1968

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